Audio and Video Devices

Video Conferencing

Face to face video conferencing is gaining popularity as compared to physical meetings. After the recession period just a few years past, corporates have heavily depended on technology that reduces cost, saves time and increases productivity. The simple formula:

Video conferencing = Time saving + Instant decision making + Travel cost saving = Increased profitability

has become an alternate reality to actual face to face meetings. Companies have widely gained telepresence through VC and important discussions, trainings and even events are no longer confined to meeting rooms.

Video conferencing

“Asian Associates” is one of the leading firms in offering Video Conferencing solutions and offers hardware based solutions at the main location while offering software based solution for branch offices and travelling executives. The Software can be downloaded on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

It has tie-ups with worlds renowned companies like Polycom Ltd, Lifesize communications for hardware based Video Conferencing. For software based Video Conferencing, we have tie- up with VCon, Vpoint, Intellisys Technology Pvt. Ltd. for Vennfer, one of the leading Video Conferencing Software in India

IP based video surveillance equipment

With increased security threats to Bank ATMs, monitoring of ATMs have become a practical necessity.

Video surveillance

Earlier, video surveillance cameras of branch location, ATM locations or at the factory were connected to a CCTV network which was based locally. However, while CCTV network monitoring can be done only during office hours, IP based cameras can be monitored from any remote monitoring centre giving an instant and real time view of the monitored premises

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