AIMS-VPN is a combined Networking & Connectivity solution essential for CBS application running Banks and credit societies. It solves the key issue of reachability to remote locations through Stable network.
For Today's customer uptime of branches is a critical business component. AIMS-VPN Platinum ensures highest uptime with dual backup.

Many Co-operative banks & credit societies have budget constraint. Industry standard links like MPLS,ILL add to cost and are many time out of budget. AIMS-VPN is an Economical Solution. Beginning of every financial year RBI approved action plan mean quick deployment of branches. Addition AIMS-VPN locations can be deployed in days not even weeks.

In essence AIMS-VPN a Networking & Connectivity solution for remote branches offers:

  • Highest Up-time
  • Economical Solution
  • Quick Deployment
  • No Capital Cost Solution

ASIAN AIMS-VPN Solution in 3 categories as:

  • AIMS-VPN Platinum
  • AIMS-VPN Gold
  • AIMS-VPN Silver