High speed ethernet modem: High speed Ethernet modem pair, connects to any router or to a firewall, these modems provide speeds from 2Mbps to 20Mbps on copper and fibre.

Converters: A Media Converter is a simple access equipment that makes it possible to connect two dissimilar media types such as twisted pair with fibre optic cabling. It basically converts signals on one media type to signals that can travel on a different media without affecting network data traffic.

Access Points: Access Points on home or small business networks are small, dedicated hardware devices featuring a built-in network adapter, antenna and radio transmitter
They are configured on wireless local area network (WLANs) and act as a central transmitter and receiver of wireless radio signals including WiFi

Routers: A router forms one of the core devices in networking that keeps the networks connected and keeps data flowing between networks to direct the data to the correct location. Routers are evolving to become an integrated services device that allows you to get secured data and internet access. With 4G connectivity becoming an important network component in recent years, Asian specialises in 3G/4G routers for M2M, IOT and VPN projects.

Switches: Switch is a networking device that connects PCs, laptops, peripherals and end users in small offices and LAN workgroups. We offer a wide selection of quality used Network Switches, managed and unmanaged, from leading Manufacturers including Cisco, D-Link and more.

Wifi Routers: A Wi-Fi or wireless router delivers single internet connection to WiFi enabled devices in a private network. WiFi Routers can also have features like built-in-firewall, attaching printer on an external drive to the router to share with the network, provide access policies or even set up access for guest connectivity.

LAN Extenders LAN Extenders are used to transmit data over a long distance over networks like twisted pair, coaxial cables, telephone lines etc